Hey Ribbons! I know it’s been a while, but you know I much prefer to come back with interesting written content. So I left for Lisbon, Portugal on the 12th of May for my brothers 30th birthday and it was such a lovely (and much needed) mini vacay. It was a small group of his friends and one of my friends, Jess, who was at my 25th and we all just had a really lovely time. I had been going through some personal

(guy related -_-) things, so this mini vacay came at the right time!


I’ve been to Portugal in the past, but I visited quite a few years ago and it was a city called Lagos in the Algarve region. Beautiful city and wonderful people, but nothing quite like the capital. Here are a few of my favourite things about Lisbon:


  • The old rustic and colourful flats dotted around the city.
  • The people
  • The relaxed atmosphere, no one seems to work particularly tooo hard, lol
  • The beaches


I’ll be listing a couple more things in my next post on Lisbon, (there’s a 2nd part) so keep an eye out for that one, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.




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