So I got invited to the Look Fantastic: The Rose Collection launch by The Influencers Diary and it was breathtaking to say the least. It was a breakfast at Sketch for a group of bloggers and we were given a selection of treats to choose from, before our chosen breakfast option arrived.

Runway_Ribbons_LookFantastic_Blogger_Breakfast_01 Runway_Ribbons_LookFantastic_Blogger_Breakfast_08

Getting pictures in the pink room at Sketch is a pretty difficult task because usually, people are having afternoon tea in there. So even if you do go for afternoon tea, getting pictures like mine is almost unheard of. All in all, I’m really glad that the pink room was booked out just for the bloggers. Thank you so much Look Fantastic and The Influencers Diary.

Runway_Ribbons_LookFantastic_Blogger_Breakfast_04 Runway_Ribbons_LookFantastic_Blogger_Breakfast_05 Runway_Ribbons_LookFantastic_Blogger_Breakfast_02 Runway_Ribbons_LookFantastic_Blogger_Breakfast_07 Runway_Ribbons_LookFantastic_Blogger_Breakfast_06

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