Hey Ribbons! So I know I have been away from the blog in a long while, but that’s because of all my travelling. As you know, I was in Miami for about a week, then shortly after, I travelled to Los Angeles. Proper east coast to west coast living that was!

My Miami holiday was just that, a holiday. Whereas with LA my main purpose for going was my cousins wedding. I was one of her bridesmaids, so I had to be there. She lives in West Hollywood, but the wedding was at the Marriott Hotel, Marina Del Rey.

The day started off with all the bridesmaids waking up at about 07:00 in order to head over to the Bridal Suite at the Marriott. That’s where all our hair and make up was being done, then Ona (the bride to be) gave us all little gift bags and the most wonderful heartfelt letter, thanking us for being her bridesmaids and sharing the special day with her and then we went over to the church. We had all done a trial run at the church the day before, so we were well prepared for the big day. The priest gave his blessings, we sang a hymn, he kissed the bride and the rest is history!The bridesmaids and the groomsmen all got into the limousine and headed back to the Marriott, where the reception was being held. I honestly have no words for the reception ceremony, other than it was stunning! The newly weds landed on the helipad just outside and the sun began to set on their beautiful day. If you follow me on instagram you’ll see a lovely pic of Ona, Anya (another bridesmaid) and I sashaying at sunset! Honestly, it was a day to remember!


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