Location: Restaurant Nomad

I’ve heard some stories about eating in Marrakech and how one has to be careful where they eat etc. That’s very true, but then again it’s true with most foreign places. Thanks to social media, we’re able to look up restaurants in different countries to determine what sort of vibe and ambience we’re after. So I’d heard of Nomad before visiting Marrakech and their instagram looked lit so it was a go ahead! You’ll see how beautiful it is on my vlog, the views are insane. I opted for the lamb tagine with prunes served over cauliflower ‘couscous’. My meal was only 130 dirhams, which is about ¬£10 so that is a bargain and a half for a whole meal. If you live in the UK you’ll know that was a pretty sweet deal.

Landmark: Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia mosque is the largest mosque in Marrakech and although we couldn’t go inside, we were able to see it in all it’s glory. We could see the beautiful architecture, the brick tiling and the slabs outside that surrounded the mosque. I have a lot of footage of Koutoubia coming up on my vlog, so definitely stay tuned for that. For those interested in having an in depth knowledge of the mosque, tours can be booked for a fee and your guide will explain everything relating to the mosque in more detail.

Jardin Majorelle

You can’t come to Marrakech and not visit the YSL garden or the YSL museum. It’s one of the most visited sights in Marrakech due to it’s sheer beauty. It’s a 2 & a half botanical garden surrounded by the most beautiful flowers and cactuses. Created by the french artist, Jacques Majorelle in 1923 until it was bought by Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Berge. I honestly don’t even have words to describe it because it was simply breath-taking. The palm trees go up so high into the sky giving the garden a sort of forest feel. Unfortunately everyone visits at similar times so taking pictures with no one in your short is almost impossible, but if you’re a master of photoshop then have no fear!

(Emelie and I posing for a quick selfie below)Palmeraie Camel Tour

Okay, so this is a tour I most definitely knew that I wanted to do once I’d booked my flights to Marrakech. I feel like you can’t visit¬†Marrakech and not ride a camel. That is, unless you’ve already ridden one in Dubai because they have the Sahara dessert style tours there as well. Our dessert wasn’t sand filled but it was still pretty great. Riding a camel is actually pretty interesting because of their humps and unlike a horse, the camel has to be lying on its stomach before you can hop on. If you’re a horse rider, I believe this will be a breeze. My friend Emelie absolutely hated the experience and you’ll see all her reactions in the vlog. Lmao! The palmeraie desserts are really lovely and unlike a Sahara, these desserts are surrounded by palm trees and you can also book quad bike rides here. All in all, it was wonderful so my next stop is Dubai for the full monty!(Below, my tour guide Aziz made a camel ring from me out of palm fronds, how dope!)

So there are a few more places to visit in mArrakech but I didn’t get pictures of them all. They are all in my vlog so once that’s up you’ll see a few more places that are cool to go to and cool to eat at.

Hope all my Londoners have had a lovely bank holiday weekend! xx

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