Hey Ribbons I know it’s been quite some time, but if you follow me on instagram, you’d know that I was on holiday in Marrakech, Morocco last week. Marrakech is a city filled with so much life. From the people, to the food, to the vast amount of culture, and today I’ll be sharing my favourite places to stay if you happen to visit. My friend and I stayed in a Riad in the Medina (old town of Marrakech). A Riad is simply a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. Some of them are just as beautiful as hotels but at a cheaper price point.

Riad Fabiola et Spa

Riad Fabiola was where we stayed for the entirety of our holiday and I must say that it was such a lovely and comfortable place. It is located just 15 minutes walk from Jemaa el-Fna (largest markets square in Marrakech) and the beautiful bustling souks. We had complimentary breakfast every morning with Msemen (Moroccan pancakes), delicious mint teas amongst other things. Our host Aziz was particularly lovely and he gave us a map of Marrakech so that we wouldn’t get lost and he catered to our every need. We also had dinner some evenings, which were usually traditional Moroccan meals, like chicken or lamb tagine. At the end of our stay, I decided to try the hammam which was, but i’ll go into that in my next Marrakech post.


Savoy le Grand Hotel

We didn’t stay at the Savoy, but we spent a full day here swimming, eating and using their facilities. I would recommend staying here because the staff are lovely and the atmosphere is great. It is also extremely close (literally a minute’s walk) to the Marrakech Menara mall where we purchased fruits, water and some other bits and bobs. One thing I’d suggest for those who drink a lot, would be to manage your cocktail expectations in Marrakech. It is a islamic country, so although there is alcohol it might not be as great as you expect. Visiting from a country where alcohol consumption is like water consumption, (England) I detected on my first sip of my Mai Tai and my friends Long Island. My ‘Mai Tai’ below might as well have been a soft drink.


La Mamounia

La Mamounia, a beautiful oasis of greenery. La Mamounia is one of the luxury palatial hotels in the heart of the Medina. It is only a 12 minute walk from Jemaa el-Fna and even regardless of that, you could spend a weeks in this hotel and be content if that is the only Marrakech you see. With it’s Arabic-Andalusian architecture and art-deco style, La Mamounia is luxury at it’s best. If you cannot fork out £345 per night, (depending on the time of year you visit) then you can pay 345 dirhams to use the spa facilities, which is still a great experience in itself.


Four Seasons Resort Marrakech

Four Seasons was another hotel that we visited, because we had heard good things and we wanted to see what it was all about. Needless to say, it was stunning. This resort is where you stay if you want to be a bit further away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. If you decided to walk to Jemaa el-Fnaa, it would take you about 47 minutes, and I always use Jemaa el-Fna as my base, because it’s pretty much the centre of Marrakech. The food was lovely, the staff were friendly and the grounds were beautiful. As you read along, you’ll realise that a lot of riads and hotels are beautifully set up.


Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour is pretty much round the corner to La Mamounia, and we found that out when we were visiting La Mamounia. We thought we’d have to come back another day to see it, but once we realised we decided to spend half the day at each hotel, due to proximity. Royal Mansour is also a five star luxury hotel, with a monumental entrance. Most people drive in because it’s quite a long road in, but we decided to get out of the taxi and walk in. There are beautiful plants and flowers on either side of the road as you walk into their grounds, before you’re met by beautiful Arabic architectural arch entrance. The symmetry in this hotel was breathtaking and the decor and gardens? To die for! The staff were lovely and the unlike La Mamounia, even if you’re not a resident you can still use the pool (subject to availability of sun beds). 


Le Riad Yasmine

Now if you’ve ever wanted to visit Marrakech, you’ve probably heard of this riad. When researching where to stay, Riad Yasmine was the first on my list because I had seen such beautiful pictures of it on instagram. However, bloggers made it so popular that is always fully booked throughout the year andddd, it’s more expensive than it once was. It is about a 20 minute walk from Jemaa el-Fna and  it is surrounded by plants and trees and has beautiful tiling that makes the little pool even more inviting.

Side Note: There are SO many other gorgeous hotels and riads that Marrakech has to offer, and although I wish I could list them all, I can’t. From my experience, the ones mentioned above are the ones I’d recommend beacsue I didn’t have a bad thing to say about any. There is also a riad called Riad Jardin Secret and thanks to instagram, it seems like a promising place to stay at too. I will definitely be visiting Marrakech again and I’ll be showing even more sides to it. It’s such a beautiful place to relax and take in the beauty.


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