Have you ever had a wish list so long you begin to wonder how you are ever going to obtained any of the things?

Well, that’s what’s happening to me now. Working in a place where you’re surrounded by the glitz and glam of material things, it’s difficult not to want for something. Like this beautiful Celine python shoulder bag for example, so classic, so chic and so expensive. Or take these beautiful Valentino rock studs, do you go for the patent or plain leather? Who knows? The department store is your oyster. Oh and before we forget these oh so cute No21 flats. Embellished or plain? And that’s not even half of the list.


You see, I am always stuck whenever I think about the prices of these oh so gorgeous and well made pieces. Do I save up for that Celine shoulder bag, or do I use the money for that bag to explore different continents? I guess it all depends on what you love more. But then again if you’re like me and you love the two almost equally, you’re stuck. But if I REALLY had to pick one, then I would pick seeing the world over the goods any day. Reason: I’m young and agile. I believe that travelling is a lot more enjoyable when you are able to get up and do things. The material things will always be there and when I am older with more notches under my belt, (in a few short years I pray) I would definitely feel like I have earned all the gorgeous pieces I oh so desire.


What would you rather Ribbons?


P.S These are one of my favourite culottes ever. Only 7 euros from a vintage store in Paris! Worn previously here.


ASOS Mesh Body, Pleated Culottes, similar here, Stan Smith Trainers

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    • April 16, 2016 / 6:01 pm

      Aww, thank you so much K!
      Love yours as well 🙂 xx

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