Writing up these posts honestly bring back so many wonderful Miami memories, which is why I prefer to post my holiday posts when I’m back from the holiday. When I’m there there’s almost no time to write every little thing down. (Unless it’s a completely relaxed holiday with no partying involved. Honestly, when there’s partying, there’s no time for writing).

So who knew Miami had such an amazing art district?! I mean, I know that Art Basel is held there every year, but we weren’t in the city at the time so we hopped in an uber down to the famous Wynwood Art District. Simply beautiful. There were so many pretty graffiti art on the walls, quotes and inspirational words of wisdom. (Which will all be in my Miami vlog coming soon). We strolled around taking pictures, whilst asking strangers to assist us in our boomerang videos.


As we went indoors to cool off in the AC, we were met by a couple of Andy Warhol’s works. In particular, his giant polaroid display which was showcased on a white wall for all to see. I’ve always been a fan of picture frames of varying sizes displayed on a white wall. As a matter of fact, I remember my mum asking me to create something similar with pictures of our family (I’ll eventually get to it). After spending about 45 minutes looking at all the artistry, we decided it was time to eat, so we walked a couple minutes to the Wynwood Diner. A delicious plate of chicken and waffles later and my food baby was ready for delivery. Lol! Obviously I’m kidding, but honestly American’s make THE best chicken and waffles. Honestly, they may even make the best food in general. Think about it, what can’t you order in America? You won’t believe how long it took me to find chicken and waffles in London, but I digress.


After we finished up at Wynwood Diner, we took and uber to Versace’s mansion which was just as I had imagined. However, because we arrived in the afternoon, we couldn’t see it all, as people were going in for lunch. If we had arrived by 7pm, then every other section would have been open to the public. None the less, it was stunning. How amazing it must have been to have a mansion on Ocean Drive in Miami. Dreams money can buy.


Anyway, I hope you’re all having a lovely week Ribbons. I shall catch up wth you later this week. xx


P.S The ‘What Will Drake Do’ tip bucket was the funniest thing I had seen in a while.

Too clever!

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