Runway_Ribbons_Aztec_Skirt5Runway_Ribbons_Aztec_Skirt4Runway_Ribbons_Aztec_Skirt 2Runway_Ribbons_Aztec_CollageI’ve had this mini skirt for about two years and not once have I ever worn it. Why? You ask. Well, as lovely as the print may be, it’s just too damn short. It’s funny because my mom bought it for me and when I opened it for Christmas those years ago, part of me wondered how/why (she’s not a fan of very short clothing) she bought it. Anyway, I didn’t complain because I genuinely loved the print, but since then, I’ve found it difficult to wear.


It’s too short to sit in because half my bum will be exposed to the seat (tall girl problems) and it’s too short to walk in, because it will ride up even further. I’ve never appreciated the ‘having to adjust yourself’ constantly in public. It’s just not cute when you’re always pulling something down or yanking a sleeve that won’t sit right e.t.c Clothes should fit well. Anyway, I decided to wear it solely for this blog post, which is why I am shooting just round the corner from my house. If you’re a shorter girl and you absolutely love it, then it’s on sale on my eBay for you to snap up!


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