Runway_Ribbons_WhatsInYourBag_Hi Ribbons! So it seems like I am constantly apologising for my absence on the blog, but nevertheless, I really do apologise (again). You see, until I start working for myself, I doubt I can focus on Runway Ribbons website properly. I love my blog so much and it really does upsets me when I am not able to post regularly, but with my life right now, it’s almost impossible. It’s a lot easier for me to upload to instagram and talk to you on twitter and then post on here when I get the chance.


If I were to post on Runway Ribbons everyday, or every other day like I know some bloggers do, believe me when I say that the posts would be too rushed I wouldn’t be giving you all the best version of myself and my thoughts. If you want to keep up with me more regularly, follow me on twitter and more importantly instagram (A picture paints a thousand words). Currently in Barcelona, so watch out for some holiday pictures!

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