Models_Off_Duty_2Models_Off_Duty_3Models_Off_Duty_1Models_Off_Duty_4My blog has been down for a few days and I was going absolutely crazy trying to fix it. Turns out that there was a plugin gone wrong, after I downloaded the new and improved WordPress 4.0. Apart from that hick-up, I am loving the back end of my blog!


After a slow and steady perusal of these shots, all I could think was ‘Is that you Jourdan Dunn?!’ Haha! Seriously, I felt like I was on my way to a go-see and ready to meet and greet clients. That was not the reality though, because little ol’ me was just strutting around the Fontaines de la Concorde in Paris (which you will see in my Paris travel diary soon). From a young age I always wanted to be a model, simply because I couldn’t think of a more exciting occupation than having people watch me walk down a runway, and having my face plastered on billboards across the globe and being ‘papped’ wherever I went. I just loved the idea of it all and I would consecutively watch episodes of America’s Next Top Model and say to my mum ‘What’s she doing?! That’s not how to pose!’ or ‘Oh my gosh! I can SO win this styling challenge! How can she pair those heels with THAT bag!’ and being my mum, she would just smile or laugh. I had seriously planned how I would send my application to Tyra and she would pick me without hesitation and then with all my foresight from watching the shows, I would kick ass. It was truly the dream, or rather MY dream.


As I’ve matured, I get SO many friends and family asking me if I’ve ever tried to get into modelling and I’d always give one excuse or the other. I still appreciate the act of modelling, but it’s one of those things where you just have to see where life takes you. My face may not be on billboards, but I’m glad that I have Runway Ribbons, where I can be myself whilst modelling my own clothes.

Happy Hump Day Ribbons!

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