New Designers Exhibition


On the 27th of June I went to the New Designers Exhibition, which showcases new talent from Universities all over England. Some of the uni’s that showcased works were University of Leeds, Nottingham Trent, Central St Martins, Leeds College of Art, Heriot-Watt, London Met, Loughborough, Somerset College, Robert Gordon, etc
They all showcased exceptional work and I was in awe of almost everything I saw. From herringbone stitches to macramé techniques to laser cutting and to print making. I had never seen anything more aesthetically pleasing.
The print work was exceptional. A girl designed some shirts that looked like something Alexander Mc Queen would do. She was later approached by some undercover designer scouts that were circling the floor. Some of her work is below: 
I love how the knit on the jumper below slowly fades into normal fabric. 
I thought it to be exceptional!


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