So I was invited to PANDORA’s Christmas market on Wednesday evening and before leaving I had no idea what to expect. Christmas markets are usually outdoors, but the event was being held at One Belgravia, and I knew that as an indoor venue, so I was really intrigued.

Let’s just say, it was beyond anything I could imagine. If you’ve ever been to a winter wonderland, just imagine all that, but surrounded by warmth. As I arrived, there was champagne, rose and hot chocolate with marshmallows flowing. Apart from the drinks, the food was so delicious as well. From bacon wrapped dates, to sweet peppers and flat bread, German sausages etc. and on the sweet side, we had candied apples, churros and candy canes.

I also bumped into some of the other influencers that were at the PANDORA Disney afternoon tea, and that’s one of the things that I enjoy blogging. You’re able to make friends and interact with people from different backgrounds, who specialise in other parts of the blogging industry as well.

Now, the events that were in place from PANDORA were honestly the cutest. There was a Christmas cracker making, to personalised sweatshirts (if you know me, you know I love any and everything monogrammed), to making our own baubles (8th picture). I was quite proud of my bauble and I’m sure my mum is going to love hanging it on our tree come Christmas. Haha!

Also, there was a little treasure hunt and we all took turns in sifting through the snow to find a piece of jewellery from PANDORA. I got a beautiful silver ring and a rose gold leaf necklace. All in all, it was a stunning event and I am always so grateful for the opportunities I get through blogging. To be able attend beautiful events like this and mingle with like minded people and just generally let my hair down, is always a joy. So I’d like to say a big thank you to the PANDORA pr team for having me.



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