RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_4RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_21RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_20RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_17RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_16RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_12RunwayRiibonsGoesToParis_6RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_18RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_9RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_10RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_11RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_2RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_5RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_8RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_13RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_7RunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_15RunwayRibonsGoesToParis_14RunwayRibbonsGoesToParisRunwayRibbonsGoesToParis_3Before my recent visit to Paris, I had only ever been to this lovely city once before, and that was when I was much younger and visited Disneyland with my mum and my siblings. At that time I believed it to be the best place ever! I mean, which kid doesn’t want to spend their life in Disneyland?! But now, seeing it with more mature eyes I can safely say that I feel the same way. I went for a week with a very good friend of mine and we had a truly amazing time!


Apart from all the tourist-y things there are to do in Paris, we explored far and wide. We stayed in an Air bnb apartment, so the freedom to do as we pleased was always there. We were in a part of Paris called Blanche, not too far from Pigalle and we would go vintage shopping around that area. On other days, we would walk down to the metro and catch a train to Charles de Gaulle Etoile, change, and then head to the Champs Elysee area. The stops and changes would differ, depending on where we wanted to visit on that particular day, but we were mostly in the centre. On our first night, we went clubbing at a roof top terrace venue called Wanderlust. I think it was a Tuesday and the music was insane, playing old school R’n’B & HipHop as well as current tunes! I got the coolest vibes from everyone there and Wanderlust was where I spotted THE hottest guys I had seen in a very long time. Paris in general has really good looking males, and I like a good bit of eye candy. Whatever water their drinking, pour me a glass!


We went clubbing every night after that, to some members only clubs  like Club 79, Le Madam, Titty Twister etc Those clubs were nice, but I’m very used to that type of clubbing living in London, which is why Wanderlust was my favourite night. Not everyday boujis popping bottle life, sometimes chilled and down to earth life. 😉 I have to say though, Paris seemed to offer a limited variety of cuisines. The Parisian Cafe menus did not tingle my taste buds, so no luck for me there, however it was such a great experience that the lack of cuisine variety did not bother me at all. There’s not much else to say, except that it is a city that should be visited at least once in your life. So, I bid you adieu as you go forth and attempt to become a Parisian!


  1. September 28, 2014 / 7:06 am

    So lovely! I’d love to go to Paris sometime soon.

    • September 28, 2014 / 10:41 am

      Thank you! It was a truly wonderful trip, you should do it whenever you get the chance 🙂 x

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