Runway_Ribbons_2Runway_Ribbons_5Runway_Ribbons_1Runway_Ribbons_4Runway_Ribbons_6These feathered heels are so deceiving, and I will explain why I say this in just a moment. Posing in somewhat like a dual carriage way situation was a bit of a trying task, due to the main road back and forth manoeuvring it involved. My favourite photo has to be the first one in the post, where my friend Sanchita captured me looking ever so deep in thought. Little do you know that I was actually watching out for speeding cars and praying these wouldn’t be the last photographs that you see of me. Now, these heels were purchased on sale from Topshop and I couldn’t be happier because I love a good statement heel. I never go out on Boxing Day, but when I checked online, they were all sold out so I rang up Topshop Oxford Circus and they said that they couldn’t hold any sale items for anyone. I then proceeded to ring the Selfridges branch and voila, the heels were still available and in my size! I geared myself up to go and get them, whilst dreading the swarm of sale shoppers. I get there, try them on and realise I cannot really walk in them. Uh Oh!


I tell myself “You have dreamt of these shoes day and night and you have now come all the way to Selfridges JUST for these shoes. There is absolutely no way you are leaving the store without them.” So I buy them and leave the department store promptly (Trying my best not to get tempted by any other slashed priced items). I decided that they would look rather cool with proper trousers and a dusty pink crop top, a la the photos above, but I can assure you that walking in them was not an easy task. For the love of fashion!


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TOPSHOP Crop Top, ZARA Trousers, similar here, and-chain-city-bag-c358019p2511563.html” target=”_blank”>ZARA Handbag, TOPSHOP Feather Heels, (sold out)


    • March 25, 2015 / 1:54 pm

      Aww, thanks so much girl!
      I’ll check out your blog too 🙂 x

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