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Go! Go! Power Rangersssss, naw nee naw naw naw. Go! Go! Power Rangers, the mighty morphin power rangersssssss! If you don’t know/can’t hum the sound in which my previous ‘naw nee naw naw naw’ goes, then listen to THIS from 1:04…

The power rangers were a big part of my childhood, and I religiously watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which consists of the original cast, until the producers became super extra and put out whatever they liked. Then came ‘Power Rangers Turbo’ Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue’ ‘Power Rangers in Space’ and so on and so fort. (But seriously, what were they doing in space? :/)

Anyway, once I put this outfit together, stepped in front of my full length mirror, who did I see starring back at me? None other than my favourite girl Kimberley a.k.a Pink Ranger. When I was much younger, I used to get into arguments that involved full on tears, with my friend about who got to be pink ranger, little did we know that you can’t actually BE another person, shocker!  We continuously fought, episode after episode and in the end, because she was younger than me, and I had to literally was/had to be the bigger person, I was usually left with Yellow Ranger, who I saw as downgrade to Pink Ranger. -_-

Today, yellow is my favourite colour, so you could say Aisha a.k.a Yellow Ranger has always been in me. And to be perfectly honest, she was also a better fighter than pink ranger. Kimberley just fooled us with her pretty blonde hair and her bubblegum coloured suit.


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Photographs by Emelie Troedsson

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