Runway_Ribbons_Pinafore_1Runway_Ribbons_PinaforeRunway_Ribbons_Thigh_High_BootsRunway_Ribbons_Pinafore_2Runway Ribbons Pinafore CollageI absolutely love the fashion cycle, because it always manages to leave me in awe of literally how the old becomes the new becomes the old becomes the new.

A few weeks ago, my friend mentioned how she really wanted the Stan Smith Adidas trainers and I was like: “Yeah, they’re pretty nice but I remember having them in pink in Primary school… what’s the hype?” I can’t remember her response now, but eventually she got them and is happy with them.


Fifteen years ago, if anyone told me that I would be wearing a pinafore by choice, I would have laughed in their faces and made onomatopoeic sounds that expressed my disgust. I didn’t necessarily hate pinafores, but in my mind they were always labelled as ‘primary school uniform’, which is why it’s funny to see me here today, older, wiser and embracing of the old. I absolutely love them now and if I could, I would get them in multiple colours, as they remind me of my youth. (I use the term youth loosely, I’m not even 25! Lol)


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