I’d say West Hollywood is pretty lively, because there are lots to see and do. Plus, quite a few tourist attractions are within walking distance. I mean, I wouldn’t advice being transported in anything that isn’t air-conditioned because as much as the sunshine is lovely, the heat levels are ridiculous. Walking just wasn’t an option for me. Whenever I did walk, I had my massive H&M straw hat with me (as seen in the picture above).

So, my after settling in and overcoming jetlag, my first stop was to Kino Sushi which is in the same area as the walk of fame so we had lunch there first and then took a few pictures around the walk of fame. I must say though, the walk of fame was a it disappointing because it was in a dingy street with odd shops lined all the way up. It just wasn’t as glamorous as I’d have expected it to be. I imagined the stars lined the streets of high-end designer labels like Chanel, Ferragamo and the like. I was wrong.

For the beach day, my friend Naraesha and I set off to Santa Monica Pier/beach for the lovely scenery and the most beautiful waves. It really did look like something out of a movie. As the waves washed ashore I just felt at peace with everything. It was unbelievably calming. From there I went to the farmers market, which was a cute experience. I loved buying fresh produce and I realised that people weren’t kidding when they said that ‘everything is bigger in America’. The oranges were double the size of my fists! When fruits are a lot bigger than I expected I immediately think that they have been genetically modified, so I stay away from them.

A couple of days later, I visited the biggest vintage fair ever. It was the Fairfax Flea market. Honestly, it took my breath away. You could actually buy any and everything at this flea market. From jewellery to chairs, to booty shorts to chokers to chandeliers. I was or shall I say would have been in my element, but the sun was too scorching for that to happen successfully. Anyway, I’ve got to head out now, but more LA stories and a video is coming your way pretty soon! x

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