It’s absolutely freezing here in London, so what better time to reflect on my time in Los Angeles. I previously wrote about my LA trip here and here, so if you haven’t read those yet, go check them out. This time last year I was booking my flights to LA for my cousins wedding and currently I haven’t booked any trips for 2017! (* sob, sob, sob *) Anyway, Los Angeles is a city that I wouldn’t mind living in and I’ll tell you why. So when I visited, besides the ridiculously complicated airport procedure for non citizens that probably every state in America has, once I got into the city itself, everything was awesome.

The people were very friendly, exercise and healthy eating is big there, (which I loved) palm trees are my favourite trees so I was won over by them alone, haha! The apartments are gorgeous and the food in general is tasty (food in America is always tasty to be fair, I wonder what it is…). Besides that, I believe that my blog and my upcoming womenswear line will flourish over there, simply because of the weather and scenery. I love a white Christmas, so the ideal scenario would be to live somewhere warm and then travel somewhere cold for Christmas.

Anyway, LA had a lot to offer and it was exactly what I expected. I really disliked their lack of public transportation, but I did pretty well with Uber and Lyft. Visiting the famous LACMA museum was one of my favourite things to do out there, because I’m drawn towards creativity. Also, hiking on Runyon Canyon was a challenge (we didn’t reach the Hollywood sign but we went far enough) but an enjoyable one at that, as well as visiting Venice beach, Abbot Kinney and some famous restaurants. There is still a whole lot of LA I would love to see, and visiting Coachella in the new year would be a dream come true. Sigh…

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