Honestly, I’ve just been on a high since my return from Miami. I went on the trip knowing only 1 girl really well. (I knew a couple others but I would never have referred to them ‘friends’ until now). So my friend Emelie invited me on the trip, and knowing her personality, I had no doubt that the other girls would be super chilled, down to earth, crazy fun and easy to get along with. (I’m basically describing myself here, which I suppose is the reason why we all worked so well.)

Honestly, nothing beats likeminded people and I am so glad that I got to go on this adventure with this group of girls. Staying at The Fontainebleau Hotel set the tone for our holiday because we were central to pretty much everything. Miami Beach was pretty much in our backyard, so we could have a beach as well as pool days consecutively whilst sipping on fresh coconut water.

Besides the many things I enjoyed about Miami, I liked that we were able to hotel hop. We visited SLS to pre game (as the Americans say) with a group of guys we met on the trip and we also visited The Delano for another party. The day before we left Fontainebleau there was a massive pool party by the pool (obviously) and it was honestly the best crowd and dj we could have asked for. Feel free to watch my Miami vlog below and if you like what you see, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. (I intend to use my YouTube channel more often).

To experience more of Miami with me, head over to my YouTube channel to watch my vlog!


ASOS Orange Bikini, ASOS Green Bikini (Top & Bottom),

ASOS Multiway Bikini, also in red (worn here)

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