1 Runway Ribbons4 Runway Ribbons3 Runway Ribbons2 Runway RibbonsRunway Ribbons Collage5 Runway RibbonsSo, I'm all for comfort in clothes, but I've never had a midi dress that wasn't bodycon or fitted, so when I saw this on asos, I popped it in my basket straight away. It is so easy, breezy, cover girl girl! and stylish. (If you watch or have ever watched America's Next Top Model, you'll get the 'cover girl' joke I attempted to make in my previous sentence.) But I digress. This dress makes me feel sexy and comfortable, and I like that because I had always assumed that to look sexy, the clothes I wore had to be fitted. Wrong.


When I initially bought this dress, only blue was available, but ASOS have now decided to produce it in white, which made me have 2nd, 3rd and fourth thoughts! That's the thing about ASOS, if they notice that an item of theirs is doing really well, they produce it in another colour, sometimes even 3 other colours. But initially, when us shopaholics bought the item, little did we know that there will be more than one option in the near future! Sigh, the shopping struggles. Hashtag FirstWorldProblems.


ASOS Knitted Cami Dress, also in white, ZARA Suede Handbag, ASOS Embellished Sandals

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