So I was looking at late teen photographs of myself and as I flicked through the album, I had so many great memories come flooding in. There was this one picture I saw, where I was wearing this mini floral bodycon dress from Topshop. I still remember how long it took me to get me hands on that particular dress, and it was the last one in that branch of Topshop so I felt so lucky to have ‘snagged’ it. The next day, I was flying to Lagos, Portugal with my girlfriends (End of A Levels holiday). I put on the dress that evening for pre drinks and took so many silly pictures (the photographs that started off this story) then eventually headed out to the strip.

I got SO many compliments from guys and girls alike, from ‘you look so good’, to ‘where is your dress from’, to ‘I wanna eat you up!’ So If I wasn’t previously aware that my dress was a hit, all those compliments (if you accept I wanna eat you up as a compliment) definitely assured me. I distinctively remember us going to these two bars called ‘Three Monkey’s and ‘Joes Garage’ and the one thing I remember happening, was getting up unto the bar with my girls and screaming my lungs off to Mr Brightside (every time I hear this song, it takes me RIGHT back to that moment). So this short story is simply reminiscent of the past and it makes me smile at how times have slightly changed.

For one, I can’t imagine myself in that mini dress anymore, I definitely can’t picture myself dancing on any bars and I can’t imagine screaming my lungs off to Mr Brightside now (I’ll sing it in the privacy of my room though, because that is indeed a great song). So here you see me in a lovely cardigan, looking all prim chic and I love this growth into a modern woman. I mean, I still wear mini dresses now and again, because I’m my own woman and I’ll wear whatever I want, but since working in fashion I know that you can achieve hot, sexy and classy with so many different looks. I love my ability to mix and match. Still that girl in her mini floral topshop dress, just a more mature one. Haha!

Anyway, hope you’ve all had a fabulous start to October.

Can’t wait for Halloween, I love fancy dress, so watch out! 😉


ZARA Cardigan, ASOS Circle Skirt, similar here,

Missguided Heels, interesting pair here

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