Runway_Ribbons_Playsuit_03Runway_Ribbons_Playsuit_06Runway_Ribbons_Playsuit_05Runway_Ribbons_Playsuit_01Runway_Ribbons_Playsuit_04In a few short weeks, I will be sitting in an audience listening to the man who decided that he would make his mark on the fashion industry, by making the colour red a staple colour for the sole of his shoes. Christian Louboutin will be giving a talk at The Vogue Festival at the end of April, along side other fashion industry experts. I’m also going to listen to Olivier Rousteing speak and I truly can’t explain how excited I am about both talks. This would be the third time that I will be attending the vogue festival, as I was also there in 2014 and 2013. I am super excited about these talks, because they give me the opportunity to get a little bit of an insight into creative minds and fully understand their thought process.


Anyway, enough about the Vogue festival and more about my outfit. Can you believe that this playsuit is about 20 years old? Crazy right? It is a bespoke playsuit that my mom’s friend made for her when I was about a year old. Isn’t it great how fabrics can stand the test of time? That is one of the many reasons why I love fashion and textiles.


My Mom’s Playsuit, ZARA Strappy Heels

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