The statement ‘what a time to be alive’ rings true today than it has ever done. I am so proud to be a woman. Not only a woman, but a woman of colour. I believe that the world is changing and I am so grateful to be here to witness such changes. From the #MeToo movement that demonstrates the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment (especially in the workplace), to the #TimesUp movement, which Hollywood celebrities started, in response to the Weinstein Effect as well as the #MeToo movement.

Women all around the world honestly have so much strength, courage, confidence and many more adjectives that I can’t list right now. The things we have seen, the things we do and the things we have endured for centuries, only builds our resilience. Women are paving their own way, shattering glass ceilings and speaking up for what they believe in.  I am very pleased to know that situations that were once archaic and frankly disgusting, are changing. To name a couple, women in Saudi Arabia finally have the rights to drive, and countries in the middle east are repealing their ‘marry your rapist law‘. These continuous changes are only the beginning and if women AND men, (because their help would be very welcomed), keep pushing for equality and justice, I believe that the only way is up.

With regards to the women in my life. I wan’t to let you all know that you are all highly appreciated. From my mum, to my close friends, to the women I’ve met thanks to social media. I am thankful for your love, encouragement, inspiration and kindness. To the women online who I like to think of as friends, (who’ve simply never met), I enjoy reading and replying to all your comments and I am glad that we have this small community to share, encourage and uplift one another.

Happy International Women’s Day!

What do you love about being a woman and what are you most pleased about thus far? Be it in your life or in the world. Please leave a comment below so that we can chat. x

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