When I think of lace I think of femininity, and there is something in particular about this outfit that reminds me of a bedime attire. Maybe it's the all black aesthetic, or the way I tucked the camisole into the shorts to give off that playsuit feel? I don't know, but the lace makes the bedtime thought even more prominent. Lace also reminds me of traditional French women working diligently on their needle work in Chantilly… It's funny how a fabric can evoke very different thoughts. 


"I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin." Coco Chanel 


ASOS Lace Camisole, similar here, ARK Lace Shorts, similar here, ASOS Highbury Sandals


Have A Wonderful Weekend Ribbons!


  • I thought this was a romper at first. I love this paring, the lace is just perfect and you look stunning; nice photos!


    • Haa! Yes, when I tucked in the cami and looked in the mirror I realised that it looked quite like a playsuit, lol
      Thanks Sarah! x