Remember this post where I said tomorrow was my birthday? Well, the birthday came and went and then Easter came and went and now I can finally tell you all about my birthday. So, I turned twenty-five on the first of April, and I honestly don’t feel any different. In fact, a few people at the venue thought I was celebrating my twenty-first birthday, which was nice to hear because I mean, who doesn’t love to look young! Aeyyy! What I’ve found about my birthday’s is that they become more intimate each year and I believe that that’s because I’m a lowkey introvert. Not an extreme one, but I do enjoy my alone time and I love hanging out with people who can see the beauty in just chilling (Kinda sad Netflix & chill has this sleazy attachment to it because I honestly DO enjoy doing just that. :/). So until I get to know you properly and then the freaky, funny, lovable character comes out.

All this is to say that on my twenty-first birthday, I felt as though I had to make it big because, you know, everyone HAS to have a big twenty-first for whatever reason. So I rallied all my friends and I had a big dinner at an Asian restaurant in London. I enjoyed it, but I still remember feeling slightly overwhelmed with the attention and ‘grandiose-ness’ of it all. My parents paid for all the guests, my cake was mahoosive (caterers oversight) and I had the staple helium foil 21 number balloons. All appreciated and heartfelt (thank you mum and dad), but as the years went by, I found myself enjoying more intimate celebrations on my birthdays with just the real ones. For my 22nd I went for dinner at Nobu with a handful of friends, 23rd was afternoon tea at BB Bakery, also with a handful of friends and I can’t seem to remember what went down for the 24th.

So here comes the ‘almighty’ twenty-five and the somewhat pressure to make a bold statement. Well, in my intimate fashion, I had a lovely rooftop brunch with two handfuls this time, of my girls. Come to think of it, it actually would have been a bigger celebration had all my close friends from Nigeria been around, but they weren’t and that tends to be the case as we grow older, with everyone spread out achieving their goals (Yasss!). All in all, it’s not that I don’t enjoy big celebrations, I do, but I would rather they be with genuine close friends and not a situation of filling up seats/for numbers to make it look ‘grand’. I have put a link to my birthday video down below. Hope you like it! xx

Nengi Willie-Pepple Top (coming soon), Solace London Trousers

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Birthday VIDEO

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