_DSC0910_DSC0925_DSC0924_DSC0929_DSC0917These pictures were taken one of those rainy days where you wake up, it's sunny, you get ready in 30 minutes excited for some photography fun in the sun. You walk downstairs in no haste at all, open your door and wait for it…. It's raining. I was so angry! I wanted to wipe all my makeup off, get under my duvet and watch some crappy tv.


However, my dear friend Emelie said to see the best of the situatin and she said the words "How About We Take Them Inside?" The look on my face was that of horror! We can't possibly capture anything beautiful inside! Surely, not! Anyway, I went ahead with it and as always her skills were impecable, because from the looks of these photos, I guess I shouldn't dislike indoor blog pictures that much.


P.S I know the look outside tells a different story to what I just said. But trust me, it was raining heavily! The bright lights you see in the pictures was a 5 minute gap of pause.


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