Runway_Ribbons_Red_Door_3Runway_Ribbons_Red_Door_5Runway_Ribbons_Red_Door_6Runway_Ribbons_Red-Door_4Runway_Ribbons_Red_Door_2Runway_Ribbons_Red_Door_1So I went to the 02 last night to see J. Cole perform. Remember when I mentioned here that one of his songs partly related to my write up on being comfortable in your own skin. Anyway, that’s not the only song of his that I love. I really can’t remember when my love for him and his music begun, but I was singing along like no other last night. He is genuinely a cool guy with inspiring and relatable lyrics and I just support him so much. He came along with Pusha T (also a rapper) and Jhene Aiko (a singer). Pusha performed first, then came Jhene and finally Jermaine came on. Wonderful night!


So this sleeveless double breasted number is actually a mini dress, but I have always found it difficult to wear it as one because of how low the collar is cut, so I decided to wear it as a sleeveless jacket instead. I’m off to work now, but i will catch up with you all very soon!


Photos by: Sarah Kuszelewicz

Hope you’re all having a good week!


Missguided Tuxedo Dress, similar here, H&M Culottes, similar here, Snakeskin VANS

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