Runway_Ribbons_Sandy_Hues3Runway_Ribbons_Sandy_HuesRunway_Ribbons_Sandy_Hues_7Runway_Ribbons_Sandy_Hues_5Runway_Ribbons_DetailsRunway_Ribbons_Sandy_Hues_CollageRunway_Ribbons_Sandy_Hues2Runway_Ribbons_Sandy_Hues_8My belief is that if you can look really good in winter, then you posses a certain degree of style. Autumn/Winter is a time of year where latte’s, and snoods become our second skin. The chill in the air is such that takes you to a different head space. I find myself contemplating life and all it’s wonders, when I see a scantily clad female approach the bus stop. In my head I think ‘Is she not cold?’ ‘She looks bangin’ though!’ ‘But really is she NOT cold?’ These questions go through my head so quickly that I don’t know which I even thought first. Part of me is envious of her attire because she does look bangin’, and when someone looks good, my natural instinct is to check myself because I pride myself on my attire, and like, ‘Am I living up to what I love?’. Hashtag ilovefashion. Anyway, I slowly look down at my chest, which I realise I can’t actually see due to the 3 layers of fabric that conceals it. Silence…


After about five minutes of pondering, I disregarded her outfit and went with the assumption that she was not cold. I comforted myself with the knowledge that you don’t have to be half naked to look attractive. When I was younger, I would go clubbing in mini dresses which looked great and turned heads, but looking back at them now I realise that they were really a tad too short. Why did we do that? Peer pressure? Who knows! I’m only twenty two, but I’m glad that those days are long gone.  I have friends who dress scantily clad going out at night, and I certainly do not judge them, (just like I didn’t judge the warm girl who got on the bus) but I’ve been in a different head space for a few years now. What are your thought on this? Do you feel that you’ve matured in different ways?


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