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For a while now, I have been in love with smaller bags. I just love the compact size that they posses, as well as the various styles and patterns they come in. It’s no news that I adore brightly coloured pieces, so I have put together a collection of mini satchel like box bags that I am loving right now. As far as the Hermes Constance goes, I have always wanted one because I feel that it’s a staple piece. I also feel the same way about the Celine box bag. Out of the two, the Celine bag is more appealing, because it has a simple buckle, so no one needs to know who your’e carrying. (I tend to like that) but if you, like me, can’t afford Hermes or Celine right now, why not try the rest on for size…
1. Celine Box Bag 2. ZARA Croc City Bag 3. Hermes Constance 4. ASOS Snake Bag 5. ASOS Buckle Bag 6. ASOS Clean Lock Bag
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