If I was a fabric, I would be silk.

Being a Textile Design graduate, I would say that I know my Taffeta’s from my Crêpe de Chine’s, but understanding natural and synthetic fibres is something that has not been easy. In all honesty, I get confused with the two quite often, because the things you learn in school tend to take a back seat when life hits you with even tougher things to learn.

However, my understanding of fabrics has helped me in deciding they types of fabrics that would work best for certain occasions. If you’ve been following me for a while, you would know that I’m launching a womenswear label later this year and the easiest part has been knowing what fabrics I want in my collection and what fabrics I’ll be giving a miss. Silk is a fabric that is going to be taking centre stage in the collection and for many reasons.

Not only does silk feel nice against the skin, (There’s a reason people use the term ‘silky smooth’ to describe things) but it also has very good properties. Silk is a low density fabric so it makes for light and comfortable clothing, it has high resistance to deformation, it has good insulation properties which make it warm in winter, cool in summer and it is the strongest natural fibre available

And on a most basic level, it shimmers and shines. Who doesn’t want to look like a walking, talking glazed doughnut? Leaving aside the rather demanding care, silk is one of the most comfortable fibre fabrics in the world.

If you’d love to know when the label drops, please follow the instagram page here.

NastyGal Top, NastyGal Skirt

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