_DSC0872.jpg_DSC0884.jpg_DSC0894.jpg_DSC0880.jpgYou know that quote: Every cloud has a silver lining? Well I've only just begun to beleive it. Recently, I've been looking at my life in a positive way, because I realised that no matter what happens in the world, as long as I am living, breathing and healthy. There is absolutely nothing worth worrying about. I've decided to leave my 22 year old 'worries' behind, as I soar ahead into the unkown. I recently read a post by my friend Sanchita and she spoke about living in the NOW. It really hit home, because I'm usually worrying about the future or reminiscing about the past. Check out her post here, and join me, as my mindest changes from thinking that everycloud has a silver lining, to the whole damn world is silver! Your thoughts dictate your life. 


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