Simone Rocha’s Spring/Summer collection was one of my favourites this London Fashion Week, as I love my ruffles, exaggerated sleeves, and intricate details. She moved away from her usual narrative and looked towards the Edwardian era.

The white cotton laced with frills on a few of the garments were so fun, flirty and feminine which is pretty much what I love in clothing. I was really inspired for my upcoming collection and usually I get inspired by things around me, not necessarily others designs. So in the words of the designer:

“It was supposed to be very playful – naïve, innocent and almost a contrast to last season’s maturity,” said the designer. “I was quite hard and very protective and I wanted to break that down. Also, I wanted to bring people very close. The show is very intimate and I really wanted to show off all the handwork, because for me it’s so important.”

“The girls and the pearls – I can’t let it go! But also it was really the idea of my signatures: pearls, silhouette, frills, embellishment, and almost exaggerating it. So frills are now really long and deconstructed, they’re trailing on the floor. The volume is exploding with more pleating inside – and then there are scallops.”

Although being inspired by the Edwardian era, Simone was able to make the collection modern. From playing with the baby doll silhouettes, lace hemlines and embroidery of kids holding hands, she was able to capture the innocence within her garments. I will be reviewing a couple more collections, so please stay tuned and let me know if you’ve liked any particular collections so far. Be it from NYFW or LFW!

Have a fab week guys! xx



Editing: Nengi Willie-Pepple



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