Hey guys! So sorry for being so M.I.A on Runway Ribbons, but I’ve just been busy with life. Going through trials and tests and just trying my best to stay afloat (I’ll go into all the details soon). I mentioned previously that I’d only upload if I have stellar images, as well as something interesting to talk about, so there you have it.

Today, I want to talk briefly about this lovely shirt dress I’m wearing from NastyGal (you can shop it below). I’ve always liked patterns on clothing, but simple patterns. The likes of polka dots, stripes, and some aztec.Only some. My mum really got me into stripes and polka dots because she loves those prints and clearly, so do I. When purchasing this dress, the slit did not look as high on the model, but then I wore it out and was like ‘woah’. So although it’s on the risque side, I still think it’s a great piece. This dress can be worn with heels, trainers or flat sandals, so the versatility is there.

Pin it for decency, or wear it out like that. It really does depend on what vibe you want. I wasn’t going for any vibe, I just left my house not knowing it was that high, so as I lifted one leg up to run for the bus (imagine this pose), it was in that moment that I realised. I think i’ll be pinning it from now on, ha! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week and if you’re missing me on the blog, head over to my instagram and keep up to date with me.

NastyGal Shirt Dress, Bohoo Perspex Mules


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