Runway_Ribbons_Light_03Runway_Ribbons_Light_02Runway_Ribbons_Light_01Runway_Ribbons_Light_07Runway_Ribbons_LightRunway_Ribbons_Light_06Hey Ribbons! How are you all? I’m hoping that you all had a weekend better than mine, as I was worse for wear with hay fever. For the past couple of weeks my eyes have itched, burned, swollen, gotten red and teared up. When I tell people that I suffer from hay fever, their response is usually along the lines of “Oh me too. Just take some tablets, you’ll be fine.” The people that respond that way are obviously mild hay fever sufferers, who sneeze five times a day and call it a day. I on the other hand go through a form of hell. I am unable to breathe throughout the day and particularly at night, because my nostrils are blocked. I mean, if I just had bouts of sneezing, I would be able to tolerate that.


Hay fever is still such a foreign concept to me because if it’s all about pollen, why did I never experience it when I lived in Nigeria for all those years? We have sun. We have grass. We have flowers. Someone please explain this to me? Anyway, it really is a painful and uncomfortable experience that makes me want to pull my hair out, which is why I am scrapping all the medications that I’ve bought over the counter and heading straight to my general practioner today.


On the bright side, I am off to Edinburgh this evening, for my day one’s (long time friend’s graduation). They’re actually twin girls that I’ve known since primary school, and any good friend that I’ve known for that long is referred to as a ‘day one’. Anyway, I’ve never been to Scotland before, so I’m looking forward to the journey as well as the destination. Feel free to follow me on instagram, as I will be sure to give you live updates on the scenery as well as the special day.


Photos by: Sarah Kuszelewicz


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  1. June 22, 2015 / 9:38 pm

    Hope you feel better soon love..


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