Runway Ribbons -Sticks n SushiRunway Ribbons -Sticks n Sushi 3Runway Ribbons -Sticks n Sushi 2Runway Ribbons -Sticks n Sushi 4Restaurant: Sticks N Sushi

Where: Covent Garden, London


Sticks N Sushi sushi is very soft and palatable. The service is pretty good, but if you want a less crowded eating experience, go there for lunch or early evening, as it gets busier during dinner time. The price is right and they offer a set menu as well as an a la carte menu. I ordered from both because I tend to be indecisive with food I like. My eyes eat tons forgetting my stomach size. -_- There is also an optional service charge which is automatically added to your bill, so just beware of that when you begin ordering. All in all, I would definitely go back, as the sushi was delicious!


Taste: 8/10

Dining Experience: 6/10


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