photo 2_DSC0260.jpgphotophoto 1_DSC0356.jpgphoto (1)What I love about skater playsuits is the illusion that one is wearing a mini dress. I wore this to my friend’s 21st birthday party and prior to the event I searched through my wardrobe and came up with nothing! So I headed over to the high street and my first stop was Topshop. As I walk in, I look around for a while and see nothing, I then carry on into the rear end of the store, and hanging in the midst of a rack full of a completely different collection of clothes, I spotted this monochrome number. I picked it up, looked at it and went over to the till and paid. It was THAT simple.

It never is.

It’s so funny how things like that happen. It might be a once in a blue moon occurrence but it sure does happen. I just knew it would fit as well as look nice, so there wasn’t even a need to try it on. Usually, I look round the whole store, don’t find anything and leave or I look round the whole store, find something that I class under ‘MAYBE’, so I carry it around with me, but then my jeans are too tight to even consider the changing room antics, so I put it down and leave.


Vintage Fur Coat,  TOPSHOP Playsuit, similar here River Island Heels, similar here ZARA Clutch, similar here

Photographs by Emelie Troedsson

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