Sooo, my title is misleading and I’m not actually styling a sweatshirt WITH Iris Apfel, but hear me out. Over the years, I’ve acquired more sweatshirts than I would have ever imagined possible and I can’t stop purchasing them. #Help. There’s just a comfort I find in wearing sweatshirts which is interesting as I don’t find the same comfort in jumpers or hoodies and they’re virtually the same thing. I usually style my sweatshirts with simple skirts, as I find the weight of a sweatshirt is already quite heavy, so in pairing it with something delicate it gives it a more refined look. Even though sweatshirts are seen as ‘casual’, I would easily wear this outfit to a brunch with the girls, as as I find this look is rathe relaxed, but chic.
Immediately I spotted this Iris Apfel sweatshirt on the ZARA website, I put it into my basket. I’ve been awe inspired by Iris for as long as I can remember, as she is not only a fashion icon who dances to the beat of her own drum, but also she is a 97-year-old fashion icon! To live this long and still be

I prefer when sweatshirts have an interesting graphic on them, but if you’re simpler than I am I’d suggest checking shops like Uniqlo, H&M or WeekDay. Here are a few sweatshirts that I’m loving at the moment:

One, Two, Three

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