RunwayRibbons_Blue_Duster_4RunwayRibbons_Blue_Duster_6Runway Ribbons_Blue_Duster_3RunwayRibbon_Blue_DusterRunwayRibbons_Blue_Duster2RunwayRibbons_Blue_Duster_7RunwayRibbons_Blue_Duster_5It’s a miracle that I can comfortably wear birkenstocks in late September and not get frost bite on my toes (ok I’m exaggerating, but it should be pretty cold by now). I am definitely not complaining, but instead I am embracing all the sunshine that the skies grace us with. This is the first year that I will not be heading back to Leeds for university, which feels a little odd but also satisfying. If I do start to feel blue about something, it probably wouldn’t be summer (although I really enjoyed this summer), but rather it would be university blues. As of now, I just finished an internship with Diane Von Furstenberg, which was awesome, so I can genuinely say that the ‘real world’ isn’t ‘drowning me’ just yet and I am happy not to be going back to the design studio, where mountains of coursework awaits me. (I say this now, but definitely watch this space, as I may come back to complain to you all about the ‘real world’. Haha!)


ASOS Duster Coat, H&M Necklace (very old), similar here, TOPSHOP Lace Top, similar here,

MissGuided Ripped Jeans, similar here, & here,  Birkenstock Arizona

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