Runway Ribbons_Sushi SambaRunway Ribbons -Sushi Samba 2If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you that I love sushi. It is up there with my favourite meals of all time and that's due to the taste and the ease at which it goes down. Being a foodie, I have an eye for great cuisines, so I have decided to go on what I would call a 'food adventure' to find the best sushi in London. If you're a sushi lover like me, then watch this space as I rate the taste and service of sushi restaurants around London.


Restaurant: Sushi Samba

Where: Heron Tower, London 


Sushi Samba is situated in the beautiful Heron Tower and is located on the 38th floor. What stood out most for me is their venue. Going up in the glass lift, you feel like it's never ending and you're able to see the beautiful skyline of London. Once you get in, you're greeted and seated (if you booked a table). If you want to guarantee a dining experience, then don't just show up, because I have to say that their seating spaces are very limited.

Sushi Samba offers great sushi of course, but they also offer Brazillian and Peruvian food, which I intend on trying, so if you want a vast option of food, then head over to Sushi Samba. The sushi tasted very good, but I didn't think it was particularly amazing. What I noticed was that people tend to go there for drinks, due to their beautiful terrace and view of London. The limited seating space for eating is probably their only issue, but all in all, it was a nice experience and I will go back and try their cocktails on the terrace! Beware of service charge, as I can't quite remember if it was compulsory or not, but I know it was added to our bill total.


Just a little something on service charge: Wouldn't you be more inclined to pay optional service charge, if restaurants weren't presumptious by adding it to your bill total? I would.


Taste: 6/10

Dining Experience: 6/10

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