31st March 2017 0

Hey guys, so spring has finally ‘sprung’ and I couldn’t be happier. If you read my blog, you’ll know by now that I’m not a fan of the colder months (which is more than half of the UK’s weather. Tell me why I live here again?)


Anyway, so tomorrow is my birthday and as happy as I am, I also tend to get nervous leading up to it (mostly when I have something planned). You see, I’m a very demure person who loves her own company and birthday’s involve a lot of attention and I sometimes nervousness strikes. Lol! These memes (1 & 2) describe what I tend to feel, can anyone else relate? Ha!

More importantly, I’m really looking forward to the amazing things that are in store for me from here on out (Got to speak it into existence guys). This year started off great, but then it plateaued a little bit sometime in February. I found myself crying, upset and so disappointed in a situation. At the time I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope because I felt that I had just lost something I deemed so special, which in turn made me really sad and low. Although, when I look back on it, my feelings of disappointment were understandable, but it clearly wasn’t the end of the world.


This is all to say, if you’ve not had a great start to the year, or perhaps you had a great start and then a rocky moment (like me), don’t fret. Remember that spring is here now and it is a time where vegetation begins to appear, flowers are beginning to bloom and things generally blossom. It’s pretty much a new beginning and genuinely my favourite time of year (not too cold, not too hot). So, I would like to encourage you all to look at this moment as a fresh start to whatever sets your soul on fire and whatever drives and motivates you. Everything before now is in the past and you can choose to walk confidently towards your goals and to the things and people that actually matter.


Happy New Month Ribbons! X

Side note: One lovely thing about having my birthday on April fools day is that absolutely nobody forgets. In all my years, no one has ever forgotten and I must say, it’s pretty sweet 🙂



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ASOS Cold Shoulder Body, worn (here) H&M Skirt, similar here,

Missguided Heels (sold out)

Have you ever been so conflicted about something?

Perhaps due to your personal thoughts or the opinions of others or just something that keeps you in an indecisive state? Well I have.


The thoughts leading to this decision have been brewing for a while, but this evening I saw clearly and made a decision. I can’t tell you how much better I felt in the moment after I decided and I genuinely believe that my feelings about this will only get better as time goes on. You see, A couple weeks ago I wrote this post on self worth and as much as I believed it, I didn’t practice it fully because I’m human and shxt happens. But here I am, sort of ‘continuing’ on that post.


You see, I’ve been holding unto something that I honestly should have let go off, and I didn’t see it until earlier this evening. Sometimes we believe that a change will come if we hold on, or that someone will realise the error of their ways, or that something or someone is ‘too good’ not to have, but honestly it isn’t and they aren’t. Letting go does not mean we stop caring, it just means we stop trying to force others to. There are far better things ahead, than any we leave behind and I cannot wait to see all the bigger and better things in my future. It might sound corny to some, but I tend not to care what people think, especially as I own Runway Ribbons, therefore I dictate the content. Needless to say, you shouldn’t care what people think either. 😉


I’d like to finish off with saying that letting go isn’t a one time thing, it’s something you have to do everyday, over and over again until you no longer feel the need to do it.



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Hey Ribbons, sorry for my long absence, but I really do prefer to bring you an interesting read and those tend to take time. So, there’s a quote that reads:


“I know what I bring to the table, so trust me when I say I’m not afraid to eat alone.”


When I initially heard this quote, I was like *hmm, hand on chin emoji*, I wholly agree with that! I have never once questioned my worth, but I have been left surprised when people didn’t seem to see it (their loss). I was not surprised because I think highly of myself, no (even though it’s perfectly fine to think highly of yourself, just don’t be arrogant). I was left surprised because when I think about my personality, the way I carry myself, my general attitude towards people and life, as well as my kind nature, I just assumed that others would see those things as something that not everyone offers so easily and reciprocate it or understand that it’s worth holding unto or worth treasuring. Sadly, not everyone will see this and that’s something I had to come to terms with.


I will never ask for anything that I wouldn’t give in return, so it’d baffled me when other people weren’t able to meet me on the same level. That being said, I’m old wise to know that not everyone was raised/is like me, so just because I would do something for someone, does in no way mean that they would do the same for me. Or just because I feel a certain way towards someone, doesn’t mean that they feel the same way towards me. Knowing that I have a big heart and that I’m an emotional person, I’ve learnt that I have to be five times more cautious than others. This is simply because a lot of people look out for themselves alone. Pretty selfish, but in some ways understandable, however I’m just not like that. So as unfortunate as that is, it is something never to be forgotten, because being aware of this fact will most likely be beneficial in your walk of life.


If there is someone in your life that isn’t able to meet you where you are, you have to know your worth and ask yourself if you are prepared to carry on accepting a half-hearted way of living. As women, we have to be brave enough to walk away from uncertainty and refuse to settle for ‘maybe’s’, ‘I don’t know’s’ and ‘I’m not sure’s’. Perhaps these people genuinely ‘don’t know’ and are really ‘not sure’, however, it is not your place to stick around to see if their ‘maybe’s’ change to ‘I’m certain’s’ or if their ‘I don’t know’s’ turn to ‘I’ve never been sure of anything more’. Knowing your self worth is one of the most important things in this world. Once you love yourself enough to know that you deserve assurance and that ultimately, you are the source of your own happiness, you will never settle for half-heartedness.


“Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do.”


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ASOS Cold Shoulder Body, ZARA Trousers, similar here

Hey Ribbons, hope you’re all doing well!


Today I want to discuss something that has been playing on my mind for a little while now. So, as I’ve mentioned here and here, I’ve been working on my women swear line, which will be launching in the New Year. However, through the process of working on that, trying to stay updated with instagram, and working part time in retail, something felt off. Have you ever felt like you were not working hard enough but you didn’t really know HOW to work harder? I know that might sound a little funny, but hear me out. Sometimes I feel as though I’m doing ‘all I can’ in every aspect of my life, but then I look at others in the same field as me and they seem to be achieving way more. So then I sit and ask myself: ‘Are You ACTUALLY Working Hard Enough?”


How does one know if they are working hard enough? That’s the tricky thing about being a creative and working the way we do. With a 9-5 job, you can work hard for years at the same pace and eventually, (regardless of how long this takes) you will most likely receive a promotion or a raise. You won’t receive this promotion or raise because you did anything particularly exceptional, but you will receive it simply because you work hard but you’ve also been working at that job for years. In a creative field, I find that if you work hard at the same thing and at the same pace for years, you will most likely get left behind. This, I believe is because we are expected to think of new and interesting things to grab the attention of our audiences over and over again, lest they get bored of our stagnant (for lack of a better word) content.


My question to everyone really is, ‘How do you know if you’re working hard enough?’ What are the steps you all go through to ensure you have given each venture your very best? Is there a measure? I’d love to hear your comments because sometimes as a creative, I struggle with what might seem to be the littlest things to others.


Hope you’re all having an awesome week and if you’re a reader from the US, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!



P.S If you would like to keep up with my design process, then follow me at @nengiwilliepepple on instagram. It’s balck Friday tomorrow, so I’ll be picking up a few lovely pieces.




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Boohoo Lace Body, TOPSHOP Joni Jeans (DIY Ripped) similar here,

ZARA Belt Choker, Missguided Belt, similar here

H&M Suede Shearling Jacket, similar here, ASOS Boots

17th September 2016 10

Life is full of choices, and I choose Nengi.

(Bit corny, but hear me out.)


Some of us go through life tip toeing around things, overthinking, overanalysing and generally worrying about things that are out of our control. Where exactly does that get us? Simple answer, nowhere.


Life is honestly too short to stress over a myriad of things. I do worry about life from time to time and my mum always tells me to stop it. She has this ability to be resilient when faced with adversity. In her words, ‘Everything will be fine, trust me.’ Once I hear her say ‘trust me’, I honestly feel calmer. You should see her when she says it as well, it’ truly calming. But I digress.


I choose me in all things. I always tell my friends ‘look out for number one’. ‘Number one’, being you. This is not to say be selfish, but as long as you’re not breaking any laws or hurting anyone, then you should most definitely do what makes you happy. Stop worrying about he said/she said, fair weather friends, non-supporters and hateful people. Stop overthinking every little situation, stop overanalysing parts of your life story and just embrace it and work with it. I say this not because I am perfect in all of this, but I have been practicing what I preach for quite sometime now and it has done me nothing but favours.


Do you, because everything else is secondary.


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Forever 21 Leotard, American Apparel Riding Pants, ASOS Shoes, similar here & here

‘Smile!’ Says Sonya, as I proceed to awkwardly smile.
I’ve never been big on smiling in pictures and that was because I wore braces for about five years when I was younger. I preferred to smize (smile with your mouth closed and eyes. FYI, Tyra Banks coined that term.) and I did it pretty well if I say so myself. I got so used to smizing that it was my ‘go to’ look when photographs were being taken.
I wish I could share my GCSE school photo with you all, you’d see what I mean. I also used to turn my head slightly to the right. Anyone who knew me then can vouch for this pose. It was ‘The Nengi’ pose.

I suppose as young children we always wanted to look our best and we were either comparing ourselves to others or being compared to others by someone else. The pressures for youngsters are quite a lot I must say. Hang in there kiddos, there’s much more to life and you will honestly all be fine. As a young adult I am more carefree with myself and I don’t have just ‘The Nengi’ pose, I have multiple poses. I genuinely feel as though I can pull off a ‘smize’, a laugh, a grin, a chuckle etc. Just be happy with all that you are and work with your natural beauty and smile more. (Like Sonya always tells me) I honestly believe we are as beautiful as we believe ourselves to be.

Anyway, I hope you can all feel comfortable enough within yourselves to be free. Don’t take everything too seriously, always be kind to people, (even those who may be unkind to you) smile often, laugh often, don’t compare yourselves to others, and ultimately, live your life like it’s golden. (One of my personal mantra’s)


Missguided Knitted Jumpsuit, ASOS Barely There Heels, similar here,

Moschino Clutch, similar here, Nixon Watch

Photography: Sonya Metzler

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Long gone are the days where my outfits showcased an array of colours. It’s been a gradual process, but a process nonetheless. I would describe my parting with bright colours as an unintentional thing, simply because I wasn’t even aware when it was happening. In the past few months I have worn mostly monochromes. See here, here, here and here. We’re fast approaching summer, so who knows I might roll in with the bright colours, but for now I’m comfortable with the muted tones.


Anyway, I shot with a new photographer last week and I’m so pleased with the outcome. For fashion bloggers (and I’m sure I speak for all here) it’s always such a relief when you find a photographer that is sweet and that you’re comfortable with. Firstly the atmosphere when shooting is easy, breezy (I so tempted to complete that sentence with ‘beautiful cover girl. ANTM memories) and secondly, the outcome of the photograph is always great. I can’t wait to shoot some more with Sonya!


Wishing you all a lovely week Ribbons! And remember what I mentioned in my previous post. In a nutshell, never give up on your dreams.


Photography: Sonya Metzler


H&M Black Leotard, similar here, ASOS Skater Skirt, ASOS Daisy Street Boots

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10th April 2016 6

Have you ever had a wish list so long you begin to wonder how you are ever going to obtained any of the things?

Well, that’s what’s happening to me now. Working in a place where you’re surrounded by the glitz and glam of material things, it’s difficult not to want for something. Like this beautiful Celine python shoulder bag for example, so classic, so chic and so expensive. Or take these beautiful Valentino rock studs, do you go for the patent or plain leather? Who knows? The department store is your oyster. Oh and before we forget these oh so cute No21 flats. Embellished or plain? And that’s not even half of the list.


You see, I am always stuck whenever I think about the prices of these oh so gorgeous and well made pieces. Do I save up for that Celine shoulder bag, or do I use the money for that bag to explore different continents? I guess it all depends on what you love more. But then again if you’re like me and you love the two almost equally, you’re stuck. But if I REALLY had to pick one, then I would pick seeing the world over the goods any day. Reason: I’m young and agile. I believe that travelling is a lot more enjoyable when you are able to get up and do things. The material things will always be there and when I am older with more notches under my belt, (in a few short years I pray) I would definitely feel like I have earned all the gorgeous pieces I oh so desire.


What would you rather Ribbons?


P.S These are one of my favourite culottes ever. Only 7 euros from a vintage store in Paris! Worn previously here.


ASOS Mesh Body, Pleated Culottes, similar here, Stan Smith Trainers

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Sometimes what I have to say in the written sections of my blog have no correlation with my outfits and sometimes that’s just what it is. Granted, a lot of the times they do, but there will be those times where I wish to write about something completely opposite. This is one of those times.


So lately I’ve been listening to this group called The Internet and they’re a pretty good group of singers with an interesting sound. I’m a really chilled person and although I like my hip-hop and r’n’b, my rap, my house, my afrobeats, heck even my country, there are some times where I’m just straight vibin’. Come to think of it, I’m giving off chilled and mellow facial expressions within these photographs.


A few tracks that are currently on my vibes spotify playslist:

  • Low Life – Future ft The Weeknd
  • Hallucinations – Dvsn
  • Manhattan – Gallant
  • With Me – Dvsn
  • Don’t – Bryson Tiller
  • Girl – The Internet ft Kaytranada
  • White Iverson – Post Malone
  • Simple Things – Miguel
  • Feels – Kiiara
  • She – Laura Mvula


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24th November 2015 0

We all want something.

We all need something.

Anyone that tells you different is lying.

Even Bill Gates wants and needs something. I use Bill Gates as an example in order to rule out the thought that wanting something has to do with money.


I personally want a lot of things that I can’t even list here. These aren’t material things by the way, these are more substantial than that. That being said, wanting material things isn’t wrong at all. Hey, I love fashion. Anyway,  I’m very in touch with my feelings, so there are moments that go by where I find myself thinking of all the things I want to achieve. I’m so sure I’ve spoken about achievements on Runway Ribbons in the past, but I can’t recall the post so unfortunately I can’t link back to it. Sometimes when I speak to my mom about my wants and needs she tells me to be grateful for what I already have. She’s right, but she’s wrong too.


I pray every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. I bet you’re envisioning me kneeling down on the floor with my palms together like in the story books… Well, that rarely occurs. Unless I want to lament to God then yeah, I take that position.  I digress. Just because I want things does not mean that I am ungrateful, far from it. I am so grateful for my life, my health, my family etc. But I’m also a person that sees what could be better, and I tend to vocalise it to close friends and family.


Whether it’s food, water, shelter, health, someone to hold, an occupation, success, electricity, family, a good education etc.

In the words of Rihanna, “we all want the same thing.” As an end note, isn’t ironic how we all want love, yet so many parts of the world are filled with hate?
Pray for humanity.


Photographer: J Jamie


ZARA Leather Jacket, similar here, M&S Mens Shirt, Bandana,

TOPSHOP Joni Jeans, ASOS Ankle Boots

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So many things have occurred that I actually don’t know where to start! For one, the Balmain for H&M craze which swept the nation and found people getting trampled for fashion. (Never get trampled for fashion Ribbons) Luckily I got myself this piece from the collection and I couldn’t be happier. You must all know my love for Olivier Rousteing and his Balmain aesthetic by now. If not, here are just a few times where I have voiced my opinion on all things Olivier and Balmain. 1, 2, 3.

Anyway, what else has happened? Let’s see, I’ve been working non-stop as a design consultant in Covent Garden and it has been a fun and great experience. I’m on a short-term contract, so I finish at the end of January and although it’s been great these past months, I am so looking forward to finishing because only then can I focus on my personal goals. There are probably lots of other things that I’m forgetting, but I’ll surely touch on them n my up coming posts!


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I’m sure you’re wondering why these pictures look slightly different to my normal ones? Well, that’s because a friend of mine, Jamie took them. I’m glad to have met him, because he’s a really cool photographer who happens to be a very talented photographer. Hopefully you’ll see more shots by him on Runway Ribbons in the near future.


Anyway, so we decided to take these pictures in the middle pedestrian way, outside Oxford Circus station. Every time I go shopping on Oxford Street I have always thought about how cool it would be to capture some shots down the middle. I have to say, it was funny but nerve wracking. Everyone that walked past kept stopping and starring and I just had to stand there and pose. Once I put on my imaginary Naomi Campbell hat though, nothing could move me. I pretended like I was the only one on one of the busiest streets in London!


Photographer: J Jamie

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!


P.S Can you believe I scored this amazing suede coat on eBay for £50? It is super heavy and I am so in love with it. You just can’t beat leather!


Vintage Suede Coat, Unique 21 Blazer,

H&M Skinny Jeans, similar here, ASOS Heels, similar here

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