A short story about this top that is made of what I believe is woven pleather: I went into TOPSHOP to purchase a couple cute things and after trying on a quarter of the store; I decided to walk out empty handed, but as I approached the exit I spotted this monochrome beauty from the corner of my eye. I had already told myself that it would be expensive, but even when I tell myself that, I still check the price tag in the hopes that I’ll be pleasantly surprised. (I’m rarely pleasantly surprised when it comes to clothing prices. My guess is usually accurate) to my genuine surprise, it was on sale for a mere seven pounds! If you’re not from the UK, convert £7 to your currency and prepare to be amazed.


Ooh and I forgot, the top is a size extra-small and if you know me, you’ll know I don’t wear any extra-small tops on account of the twins. But with this top, the elastic came through for your girl! Yay for stretch fabrics!

Anyway, once the the top was mine, I just knew I had to measure up its awesomeness with some cool trousers, so I took things all the way back to 1975 with these bottoms. They fit so well and I love the fact that they’re extra long, because one ‘woe’ of having long legs is that you’re never quite sure if your bottoms are going to be the right length. I mean, I don’t want to be out here looking like I’m waiting for a flood.

Just sayin’


Anyway, I was feeling flirty and fabulous in my ensemble and I’m sure you can tell in these photos. Got to go now, I’m preparing for the start of London Fashion Week tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend Ribbons!

Wishing all your dreams come true!


TOPSHOP Crop Top (sold out), ZARA Leather Jacket, similar here

TOPSHOP Clutch, (sold out), Pretty Little Thing Trousers

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  1. February 18, 2016 / 11:50 pm

    The top is amazing! And for that price, what a bargain. I love the extra drama that the flares add to this look. The matching clutch is perfect as well. Stunning pictures as always.
    Princess Audu

    • February 19, 2016 / 9:36 pm

      Thank you so much Sarah!
      Always appreciate your comments! 🙂 xx

    • June 27, 2016 / 10:27 am

      Thanks Diana! I agree!
      Plus they are so stylish and really comfortable too! xx

    • July 30, 2016 / 9:09 pm

      Aww, thank you so much girl!
      I really appreciate your comment! 🙂 x

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