Hey Ribbons So I know I’ve been missing in action for a couple weeks but I’m bizzy bizzy back! (I should honestly post more on YouTube, I feel like if you heard me say certain things, my humour would translate better, lol). Aaaanyway, I’ve been feeling really low for a while due to things I might get into another time, but basically it’s not been easy for me out in these streets.

I spoke to a friend last night and he reminded me how as children we had about 2 or 3 months off every year, because it was summer and school was out. Until he said that, I completely forgot about how that routine had been my life for years. As young adults, we don’t get any breaks that we don’t actively give ourselves. Life is just this huge cycle of rinse and repeat (bar the lucky individuals that experience the whole ‘no two days are the same’). As children, we had regular scheduled downtime where we didn’t have to do much, besides read a book or two in preparation for the next school year.

I’m saying this all to let you know that if your spirits haven’t been up lately, (or you’ve once experienced this, then you can relate) and know that it’s completely normal. We are halfway through the year so perhaps subconsciously that is playing on my mind as well. I feel a sense of haste, worry, confusion and a tad bit of discontent creeping in. Also, because I’m not big on discussing my problems, I tend to just push through everything I’m feeling, whilst hoping and praying that wonderful things happen. I’d like you all to join me in keeping the faith and believing in more. In the meantime Ribbon’s, keep believing in yourselves because the best IS yet to come.

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