Does anyone else feel like the years just fly right by? I won’t even say it’s 2017 specifically, I feel like it’s life in general. It is fleeeeeting! Anyway, we’re literally on the brink of 2018, so I’ve decided to do like the Kardashian’s (if you’ve ever watched one of their family vacation episodes, you’ll know what I mean) and do the ‘highs and lows’ of 2017.

2017 was the year of…

The bad:

2017 was the year of The Manchester Ariana Grande concert bombing

2017 was the year of The Borough market/London Bridge area bombing

2017 was the year Grenfell towers caught fire with so many casualties

2017 was the year I got my heart broken for the first time. My heart wasn’t supposed to break for an almost lover, but it did and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


The Good:

2017 was the year vear 1500 underage human traffickers were arrested. (The numbers are usually around the 400-500 for the entire year, so this is a big deal).

2017 was the year it became clear to me that I can ACTUALLY do it. (Regardless of what ‘it’ may be, I just believed in myself more).

2017 was the year I put the pedals on my womenswear brand, Nengi Willie-Pepple

2017 was the year I began getting paid from working with brands AND the year I turned a quarter of a century!

Two Thousand and Seventeen was the year of so many different things. For one, I realised that you can never have peace overthinking the decisions of others. Why they decided to do what they did or what they didn’t. And because I treasure peace of mind so much, I no longer bother with those types of thoughts. I particularly went through a tough time getting over a guy and if you know me, you’ll know about it. However, I wrote a few uplifting post in order to reassure myself that I made the right decision. If you’re interested, see here, here and here. I also realised that time heals. I mean, I knew it, but no matter how often people reassure you of it, when you’re actually in a situation you never really feel like the ‘healing’ will ever come, but I can attest to t hat fact because it definitely did for me.

I am SO grateful for the lessons learnt in 2017 and proud of the woman I’m becoming. Looking forward to more character building experiences and believing that despite it all, I’m more than deserving of all the amazing things life has to offer. Happy New Year guys, hoping you are spending it with loved ones and I pray for blessings for all of us in 2018.




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