A Bad Day

Runway_Ribbons_80_s copy copyWhenever something bad and annoying happens, we tend to feel so let down and upset. This feeling of one bad incident or even three or four bad incidents, make us feel as though our whole lives since conception has been bad. I know I certainly feel that way and I just want to give up and stew in anger. Well, that is completely what NOT to do.


The bottom line of this post is positivity. If lately a lot of bad stuff has been happening to you, you have to be mindful not to fall into the trap of self loathing and bitterness. It’s really all in your mind, so you need to train your brain to think like an optimist. Whenever we face adversity, our immediate reaction is thought. Then our thoughts congeal in to beleif and then belief congeals into habits of how we see situations.


So please remember that whatever you’re going through in this challenging time in your life, is merely IN your life and not your WHOLE life. So keep that piece of your life in perspective and don’t let it overwhelm you.

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