Embrace The Journey

Runway_Ribbons_6 copyFor about two weeks I had been feeling a bit down and out of luck. I just felt as though the dots were not connecting. Have you ever felt like that? I kept seeing things on social media that got me pondering, got me confused and got me questioning my whole career. Doing a job that looks great on my CV but that I don’t necessarily enjoy was also taking it’s toll. I was constantly having reoccurring thoughts about what the future held for me and to be honest, it was all just a myriad of things that made me think that the cards were stacked against me.


So, as  I was feeling sorry for myself and looking up Adobe creative suit tutorials on YouTube, I stumbled on an amazing channel. I decided to watch this brilliant video by Mateusz M, which completely elevated my mind, body and soul. The words resonated so well with me that I had to share it today. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself on YouTube watching all his videos on a loop. Seriously, if you are feeling low about life and you need to be inspired, I urge you to watch it. Watch it and be inspired.

(I recommend Dream as well)


This is all to say, ‘Embrace The Journey’. Sometimes you may look around and there will be nothing around you that remotely looks like success, but if you embrace the journey regardless of the ups and downs, I promise you that one day will be your day.


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