Free Yourself

Runway_Ribbons_QuotesAs difficult as it sometimes can be, I really do believe in letting go of things. When something really hurtful happens to us, it can take a very long time to let it go, but eventually, when we do let whatever thoughts, actions or situations go, there is a profound sense of freedom and relief in our hearts. After all, what exactly are we keeping such memories stored in our minds for? What exactly can they do for us in the present day? Absolutely nothing.


It took me a while to let things of the past go, but when I did I truly felt that I could be myself and focus all my energy on the positive people and situations around me. It may take some time, but it will eventually happen. This isn’t  a post telling you that it’s easy, but it’s a post encouraging you to try your best to let things go. It only gets better once you do! 🙂

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