Going Nowhere Fast

Runway_Ribbons_06 copyFrom time to time I get down by my ‘lack of progress’ with my blog or my social media platforms. I ask myself questions like ‘Am I doing something wrong?’ ‘Should I be grinding harder?’ ‘Why am I not seeing my follower count go up?’ ‘What is progress and how should I even calculate it?’

All these questions that we in the creative industry ask ourselves at least twice within the course of our journey to wherever we would like to be. My really good friend Sanchita sent me a lengthy message in response to my questions and it made me feel a whole lot better. She hit the nail so hard on the head to say the least, and I will post her message to me on Runway Ribbons one of these days, as it is not 100% in correlation with the quote above.


At the end of the day there really isn’t any need to speed if you’re not even sure where you’re actually headed. Even when you do know where you’re headed, rushing to be ‘the first’ or the ‘winner’ is pointless when you can take your time, learn your craft and possibly progress further and authentically. There are so many bloggers, designers and generally people with dreams, who need to take a moment to read and understand this quote. I am in no way saying that zeal and perseverance means that one is ‘speeding’; I am solely referring to the uncalculated speed and hurry of some individuals who will cut corners just to get the title. You may look at them and wonder what their secret is but they probably don’t eve have any. They’re simply going, but you will never know their destination, so don’t compare or constantly wonder, instead focus on YOUR direction.


Also, if you feel (like I did) that you aren’t seeing your progress, don’t worry about it, because I have learnt that progress cannot always be seen. Doesn’t the Aesops’ fable The Tortoise and the Hare comes to mind with all my talk of direction? So apt.


One more day until the weekend Ribbons!

Have fun and be safe!


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