Respect Yourself

Runway_Ribbons_ThoughtsDo you ever wonder what life would be like if you had just walked away from that one toxic person or that one toxic occupation? Well, we all wonder because as humans, we rarely walk away until someone tells us over and over again or worse, until something bad happens. Please never let it get to that stage. I urge everyone to walk away from whomever/whoever (which pronoun is it? I’ve never known this and yet I studied English Lit at A Levels. Sorry teachers :/) you feel no longer makes you a better person. We are only harming ourselves by choosing to remain present, and the damage that we inflict on ourselves is like non other. A while ago, I decided to walk away from certain people that have ‘thrown shade’, made mean remarks and just generally hurt me in one way or another and I chose to do it silently and gracefully. Since then, I’ve felt great and I’m genuinely lovin’ life. Let’s all make an effort to realise when it’s time to get to steppin’!

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