Throwing Shade


Shade. Why is it even a thing?! Why do people throw shade at others when they could easily use their words to express whatever issue they have. Here’s my theory: They don’t actually have a problem with you, they perhaps are either jealous or feel threatened or some other sad reason that does not come to mind right now.


Whenever I have witnessed shade being ‘thrown’ in person or via social media, it always made very little sense to me. Okay I suppose you want to let your frustrations out but you don’t actually want to let the person the shade is being thrown at know. Well, that seems to me that these ‘frustrations’ must obviously not frustrate you enough to let the person know, so they’re obviously futile. So my question to the shade throwers is, why enlighten hundreds or thousands of strangers on said issue? Why?


I’m going to start doing podcasts, so that you all can hopefully relate to my Thursday thoughts on a more personal level, and where ai can elaborate more on different topics. But you can look forward to hearing me address all the topics that are currently in my Thursday thought section. (and much more) In conclusion though, I have always felt that if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Simply put, throwing shade will never make you shine. It will probably even dull your shine because from what I’ve realised; these people just end up looking bitter and confused.

Don’t be that girl or boy.

Address them or keep it moving.

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