Hey Ribbons, hope you’ve all been well! I have been quite busy these past few weeks working on my personal brand and just spending quality time with good friends. We all need that once in a while right? Well, I have an amazing brand to share with you all, so keep reading to find out! I would describe myself as a ‘girls girl’, simply because I’ve always played with Barbie dolls, always wanted to be a Disney princess, (Pocahontas to be exact) and I loved playing dress up when I was younger. So you can say that all followed through to my young adult life, as I haven’t really stopped dressing up. But honestly, I love wearing makeup, dressing up and going out to have fun with my girlfriends. But besides that, I take pride in looking my very best and thanks to Tobi, I can do just that with ease.

I was fortunate enough to choose three dresses from the Tobi website and style them however I liked, so I decided to pick two ‘going out dresses’ and a more casual summer dress. Before I get into describing the dress, I’d just like to tell you a bit about Tobi if you haven’t heard of them before. They are an American fast fashion retailer, who specialise in womenswear. I have been aware of Tobi, but I was never able to purchase anything due to my location, but the great news is that they now ship to the U.K! This means that I now have another platform that I can rely on for great, affordable clothing. It’s now easier to get a different selection of items and not look like everyone else.

So, I felt that I would show you guys what I would usually wear for a nice dinner or out for drinks with friends. With this first dress, I was particularly drawn to the straight neckline, because having a bigger bust, it keeps everything in place, yet still looks sexy. Apart from that, I love the colour, the tiny floral pattern and the fabric. In a previous post, I wrote about how I love slip dresses, mainly because of the fabric and how it feels against the skin. I believe I said as if you’re still in a nightie, but you’re not. Lol! Anyway, keep an eye out for the posts on the final two Tobi dresses I picked out. Wishing you all a lovely day! x


Tobi Shift Dress, Love Moschino Clutch, similar here and here,

Nixon Kensington Watch, ASOS Heels, similar here

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